On Sunday, December 11th, 2022, the day our Holy Orthodox Church celebrates and commemorates the Holy Monk-martyr and Confessor Stephen the New and Holy Martyr Christo, the Holy and Divine Hierarchical Liturgy was officiated by His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America. His Grace was joined in concelebration by Protopresbyter George Veselinovic, Cathedral Dean, together with Deacons David Manko and Daniel August. During the small entrance, Bishop Irinej, through the laying on of hands on the head of Deacon David, elevated him to the rank of Protodeacon. The whole cathedral parish family joyfully exclaimed, Axios! Dostojan! Worthy!” Bishop Irinej emphasized Protodeacon David’s service, dedication, and sacrifices for the Holy Church, and reminded the faithful that his elevation is not only his, but of the whole parish.


During His homily, Our Father and Hierarch Bishop Irinej spoke about the parable of the Rich Man/Rich Fool where Christ tells of the man who tears down his barns to build bigger ones. When it is over and done with, God asks the straightforward question, “Fool, this night your soul is required of you, and all these things you have prepared, whose shall they be?” His Grace reminded us that it is not the abundant crops and big barns that condemn the rich man, it is that they are not being shared and passed on to others. Being rich is not a sin, being selfish is, as one divests themself of their God-given freedom and enslaves themself to their wealth.


At the conclusion of Divine Liturgy, Fr. George thanked His Grace for blessing and honoring the Holy Trinity Cathedral parish and the faithful with His presence. Fr. George also thanked the cathedral choir, under the direction of Bozidar Bob Topich, for offering their beautiful voices in prayer. Fr. George also thanked the Nikola Tesla Men’s Club and the St. Petka Circle of Serbian Sisters for preparing the delicious meal in honor of our dearest guest and beloved host, Bishop Irinej. May God grant Him and all of us many years together!


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