[Archived News] Monday, January 21, 2013

Badnje Vece at St. George Church

Clearwater, FL - The church was filed to capacity with parishioners on Serbian Christmas Eve Divine Liturgy Sunday January 6, 2013. I have not seen this many fellow worshipers on Christmas Eve at our Church, it was a sight to behold. After the procession around the church, the Badnjak was taken to be burned. The Badnjak is a young oak tree which reminds us of the tree which Joseph used to start the fire in the manger when Jesus was born. After the Badnjak was blessed by Father Dragan, our President Petar Subotic placed it on the fire to burn. Then church calendars and pieces of the Badnjak were given to the parishioners to take to their homes. A wonderful and delicious Lenten supper was served by our Kolo sisters for all to enjoy. There were fire works for all to enjoy as well. The evening was a wonderful time to spend with friends, family and Kumovi on this most Holy night.

Jelena Mulin