[Archived News] Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Twenty Fourth Annual Cleveland Christian Education Deanery Meeting

Akron, OH - The Twenty-Fourth Annual Christian Education Meeting of the Cleveland Deanery was scheduled by His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN to be held at the St. Demetrious Serbian Orthodox Church of Akron, Ohio. The meeting was held on March 24, 2012. Very Reverend Stavrofor Janko Ralich is the Dean of the Cleveland Deanery. Prota Ralich has been a part of the Christian Deanery meetings since their very beginning. He greeted the participants and expressed his appreciation to His Grace and to all who came. Father Janko Raljich said the Deanery meeting was very important and was held for the love of God. He said the children are our future. He thanked the parish for being the host.

The host parish priest at St. Demetrious Church was the Very Reverend Djordje Mileusnic. Prota Djordje was very pleased to have his parish host the meeting and was enthusiastic in accepting the responsibility. He warmly welcomed the participants. His Grace Bishop Dr.MITROPHAN appointed Reverend Father Aleksa Pavichevich to be the designated speaker for the meeting.

Father Pavichevich gave an extensive interactive presentation that addressed the challenges facing Christian Education, Father Pavichevich’s talk included the importance of setting good goals for Christian Education. He said goals should be specific, measurable, timed, realistic and public. Father Aleksa had the seminar attendees do exercises to become familiar with the themes of his talk. The presentation stimulated discussion and generated enthusiasm among the participants.

The presentation of parish reports followed Father Aleksa’s talk. The submission of written and oral reports from the parishes are a standard feature of the Deanery meetings as they provide a written record of the state of education and provide for sharing throughout the Diocese. The Cleveland Deanery has expanded in size in recent years and includes Ohio parishes in Akron(2), Canton, Cincinnati, Cleveland(2), Columbus, Lorain(2), Norton, Warren and Youngstown(2). The parish in Hermitage, Pennsylvania and the Lackawanna, New York parish are also part of the Deanery.

Participants in the meeting in addition to those mentioned included His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN, Archimandrite Leontije(Alavanja), Very Reverend Stavrofor Dragan Filipovic, Very Reverend Dragomir Tuba, Very Reverend Dr. Zivojin Jakovjlevic, Protonamesnik Milovan Katanic, Protonamesnik Mioljub Matic, Reverend Father Isak Kisin, Reverend Father Dragan Goronjic and Reverend Deacon Ljubisa Mitrovic.

Additional participants included Mile Andjelkovich, Sister Anastasia of Monastery Marcha, Popdijia Emily Pavichevich, Donna Jovich, Paula Rager, Lynn Volovsky, and Sonja Hages. The St. Demetrious parishioners provided a healthy Lenten luncheon for the meeting attendees. The St. Demetrious Youth Choir gladdened the hearts of all present with their wonderful singing. His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN demonstrated the continuing importance of Christian Education in the Eastern American Diocese by being present and actively participating at this meeting.

His Grace thanked Father Djordje and the parishioners for their gracious hospitality. From the beginning of His Episcopacy in the Eastern American Diocese, His Grace has committed to the holding of Christian Education Deanery meetings and has consistently been present to participate. The Deanery meetings have continued to evolve as informative and important venues for strengthening Christian Education in the Diocese. Father Rodney Torbic