[Archived News] Monday, March 12, 2012

Aliquippa Parish Hosts Lenten Vesper Services

Aliquippa, PA - "I felt like I was at one of the best concerts in the world," said Mickey Martich of Steubenville's Holy Resurrection parish.  "Your choir sang so beautifully!"  

Her husband, George, readily agreed.  "It was a beautiful service, and I'm glad we came," the former SNF President said as he sat at one of the tables in the church hall after the evening vesper services held in St. Elijah's church in Aliquippa for the 2nd Sunday of Lent on Sunday, March 11, 2011.

Everyone in attendance will attest to the fact that there was a spiritual uplifting during the service under the auspices of V. Rev. Fr. Stevan Stepanov, V. Rev. Fr. Rade Merrick, Rev.V. Rev. Fr. Rodney Torbic,  V. Rev. Fr. Rajko Kosic, and Fr. Milan Pajic.  Besides a full-house choir participating, Fr. Pajic delivered the homily, and afterwards, all in attendance walked over to the St. Elijah Center for fellowship and a meal prepared by the K.S.S. and the St. Elijah's Men Club.  Father Stepanov and St. Elijah President Mickey Mrkal thanked all who came to make the evening so special, especially our guests from Carmichaels, Steubenville, Midland, and Pittsburgh who along with us, all felt joy in witnessing such a beautiful service and evening of goodwill.

Earlier in the day, someone remarked to me, "I can't believe that you are going to church TWO times in ONE day!" My answer was, "Try it.  You'll like it!" To me, it was "Double the pleasure, double the fun," and it wasn't Bubblemint gum, but something you can REALLY sink your teeth into:  Learning more about our own Orthodox Christian faith!

Milana (Mim) Karlo Bizic