Monday, December 14, 2008


Youngwood, PA - The Kolo Srpskih Sestara Vavedenje of Holy Ascension Serbian Orthodox Church in Youngwood, Pennsylvania, celebrated its 79th Slava on December 7, 2008. His Grace Bishop Dr. Mitrophan, Parish Priest Father Miladin Blagojevic and Father Deacon Dragoslav Kosic celebrated the Divine Liturgy, the blessing of the Slavski Kolac, and the Parastos Service for all deceased members of  the Kolo.

Beloved and honored Kuma, Dorothy Podbesek made the beautiful Slavski Kolac which has become a tradition in our church, and the Kolo sisters prepared a delicious lenten dinner which was enjoyed by family and friends of Kuma Dorothy, guest clergy, and all parishioners.

Describing Kuma Dorothy as an elegant lady with a heartwarming smile, George Kalp served as master of ceremonies. Father Miladin presented next year’s Kuma, Angie Klassen, with the Vavedenje icon which she will keep until next year’s Slava when it will be given to the Kuma who succeeds her.

Father Miladin then spoke about the history and role of our Kolo since its founding. “As I read the history of our Kolo since 1929 to the present time, I  see a wonderful example of motherly and sisterly love in our Serbian tradition. The common cause of our Kolo is the betterment of the Church, and the Serbian phrase ‘desna ruka’ (‘right hand’) describes its role in our Church.” He noted that our Kolo’s first Church fundraising activity was a zabava (party) held on January 8, 1929. He also held up a framed certificate from Serbian Queen Marija Karadjordjevic, sent from London in 1943, thanking our Kolo for the help it gave to the suffering people of Yugoslavia after the Axis Power invasion during World War II. Father concluded, “We pray that the ladies of our Kolo will stand strong for many more years.”

Bishop Mitrophan noted that few organizations stay together for 79 years and that those that do are remarkable. “The Sisters are the backbone of the Church,” he said, “and we must remember that if we are united, everything is possible, but if we have disunity, nothing is possible.” He discussed Mary and Martha and how they both served the Lord in differing ways, yet both exemplified wonderful examples of faith. He also discussed the Mother of God and Vavedenje (her presentation in the temple) explaining, “From the beginning, she was the one closest to the Lord, and we find in her the best example of motherhood.” His Grace concluded his remarks by stating, “Our children and grandchildren will be proud of us for transmitting this wonderful Serbian tradition (of the Kolo).”

Kolo President Mary Nagoda thanked all the Sisters for their help and cooperation, and she also thanked Skip Rusiewicz and Alex Morvosh for their invaluable assistance. She said, “I have wonderful members who are willing to come and work for the church whenever I call.” She also invited all younger people in the parish to come to some of the Kolo’s work sessions so they can learn the art of Serbian baking.

Melony Musgrave