[Archived News] Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Charlotte, NC – The Mission Parish of St. Symeon the Myrrhflowing in Charlotte, North Carolina organized their fourth annual Benefactor's Dinner which, like previous years, was very successful and well organized.

Similar to previous years the event was held at an Italian restaurant “Il Nido” where we have started to feel at home and so little to no problems in our functions there.

Our dear friend Fr. Michael from the Holy Trinity Greek Church began the program at 7pm with a few words of the essence of our Orthodox faith which, once again, confirmed to us why it is that we exist and why we should endure all things, particularly in prayer.

Our Reader Vladan Gluvacevic emceed the program. He spoke of the significance of Pascha, Christmas and the Krsna Slava with Serbs. In the pauses between speakers we were treated to live music by the flutist Patty Moore and the newly formed trio ART. The auction was the icing on the cake where we truly had much to offer, from the the artistic works of the painter Vukosava Mijatovic-Teofanovic, the beautiful icon of Archangel Gabriel by Teofana Zaric, a decorative floral arrangement by Milica Mitrovic, painted Easter eggs, a 100 year old sash, a part of the traditional Serbian folk dress from northern Serbia from our Gordana Djuranovic, a bottle of red wine from our monastics in Hercegovina, along with various other smaller items.

We are grateful for all the things that were gathered for the auction, as well as purchased, so that we might have the means to pay off our mortgage.

Our priest, Fr. Dragan Zaric, addressing our parishioners as well as the guests who attended this event and thereby supporting our community, thanked in his own name and in the name of the parish all of those who donate and continue to contribute to this community with all of their strength, working for it's progress as well as the preservation of Orthodoxy.    

In the end, what else to say, it was very nice. We parted with laughter and sincere farewells, with the hope that next year we will come together as well. Even though the current economy is not quite favorable, we continue to have great plans for the development of our our parish here and, with God's help, those plans will be realized.

Dejan Dimitrijevic