[Archived News] Monday September 8, 2008



Mars, PA - A total of fourteen priests and three deacons were in attendance for the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. Mother Ana and Sister Anastasia were present from Monastery Marcha. An additional priest was among those present for the Vigil served by His Grace on the eve of the Slava.

All four Deaneries of the Diocese were represented. Attendees
came from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, North Carolina and Washington D.C.

In his homily, His Grace emphasized the strong connection
between the St.Nikodim Chapel and the monasteries and churches of the Serbian Orthodox Church throughout the world and throughout the centuries.

His Grace spoke of the centuries old Serbian Orthodox tradition
of building and beautifying monasteries and churches for the glory of God and the advancement of the Gospel.. He referred to the beauty of the frescoes adorning the St. Nikodim Chapel and expressed gratitude for the iconographic work and for the donors.

His Grace's homily referred to the holiness that can be felt
upon entering an Orthodox church and this is an experience certainly relevant to entering the St. Nikodim Chapel.

A goodly number of children were in attendance for the Slava
celebration and provided additional joy in the turning of the blessed

A Litany for the Departed was included in the Divine Liturgy
with prayers offered  for departed hierarchs, clergy and faithful of the Diocese.

At the Slava dinner that followed the Divine Liturgy, His Grace
made special point of thanking the Federation of the Kolo Srpski Sestara for not only providing for the luncheon but also for being helpful at Shadeland Camp, particularly for the Diocesan Day celebration.

The support and presence of all who came to the Slava celebration was acknowledged and each person's presence was gratefully