[Archived News] Friday June 13, 2008


Youngwood, PA - With much love and great joy, the church family of Holy Ascension Serbian Orthodox Church celebrated its 96th Krsna Slava on June 8, 2008. His Grace, Dr. Mitrophan, assisted by parish priest Rev. Miladin Blagojevic, celebrated the Divine Liturgy, he blessing of the slavski kolac and koljivo, and the Slava Litija. Many visiting family and friends participated in the celebration by singing with the choir and assisting with the banquet held after the services.

A delicious roast lamb buffet dinner was served by the hardworking ladies of the Kolo Sestara Vavedenije and their loyal helpers. Visiting clergy included V. Rev Dragoljub Malic, V. Rev. Dr. Rodney Torbic, and Rev. Dejan and Popadija Marija Obradovic. Executive Board President Angie Babich welcomed and thanked everyone in the packed social hall, and Mistress of Ceremonies Bernadette Barron introduced Kum Alex Morvosh. “It’s an easy job and a great pleasure to introduce a person as kind, giving, and respectful as Alex,” she said.

Known to many as “Alex of all trades” because he works at everything the Church undertakes, Alex especially serves as tutor and head chef at the Church fish fries. He also holds the record of having served as the youngest Executive Board President in Holy Ascension’s 96-year history. Alex thanked God for the gifts of his wife, Nancy, his mother, Emma, his three children, and his five grandchildren who were all in attendance.

His Grace, Bishop Dr. Mitrophan spoke about the Slava celebration in the greater context of our Orthodox Faith and Church history. “The people at the first Slava here celebrated three things: the Resurrection of Lord Jesus, the Ascension of Lord Jesus, and the Holy Fathers of the First Ecumenical Council. We do exactly the same today, and in fact, we celebrate these same three things at each and every Divine Liturgy,” he said. He also emphasized that the Holy Fathers did not change the world through politics or philosophy. Instead, they focused on changing the hearts, spirits, and souls of people through teaching, and then by fulfilling what they taught, and then by teaching what they fulfilled. His Grace concluded, “The Slava we celebrate today teaches us the meaning of our lives which is Jesus Christ and eternal life.”
Rev. Blagojevic commented on what a joyful moment in time it was for Holy Ascension’s founders when they celebrated the first Slava in 1912, and he honored all the priests who have faithfully served the parish since its inception. He discussed the meaning of “Samo sloga Serbina spasava” (in English, “Only unity will save the Serbs”) and the respect people must have for one another to achieve unity. “By supporting and attending church, we ensure the words of Jesus, ‘I am with you and no one will be against you.’ So keep the Faith and stay dedicated to our Church,” he said. To conclude the celebration, Rev. Blagojevic said, “To be a Kum is to be honored, so God bless you, Alex.” He then presented him with a beautiful golden icon of Christ.

Melony Musgrove