[Archived News] Saturday May 17, 2008


Carmichaels, Pa - The St.George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania celebrated the parish Slava with Vespers on May 5, Midnight Office, Matins and Divine Liturgy on May 6 and continued the celebration on May 10 with Divine Liturgy, Procession, Blessing of the Kolach and Koljivo, dinner and program.

Guest clergy serving at the Divine Liturgy included Father Mladen Blagojevic from Holy Ascension Serbian Orthodox Church in Youngwood, Pennsylvania and Father Dimitre Dimtrov from Nativity of Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Masontown, Pennsylvania. Responses were by St. George Choir directed by Sonia Janson. Honored Kumovi were Philip and Christina Sivak. Father Blagojevic gave the sermon.

Stan Brozik, Executive Board President, welcomed the attendees at the dinner. Remarks were offered by Choir and Kolo President Sonia Janson, Executive Board Vice-President Mildred Bezjak, and Father Blagojevic and Father Dimitrov.  An icon of St.George was presented to Philip and Christiana Sivak and they were greatly honored to serve as Kumovi for this Slava.

Executive Board Financial Secretary Andrea Janson read the life of St. George at the dinner and Dr. Ivko Dimitric shared thoughts about the Slava in behalf of himself and his brother Dr. Radoslav Dimitric. Dr. Dimitric emphasized the need for prayers and assistance for the suffering Serbian
People in Kosovo.

During its formative period in the early 1950's, the St. George Church in Carmichaels was first served by the Serbian Orthodox priest at Holy Ascension Serbian Orthodox Church in Youngwood and the close relationship between the two parishes continues. The Nativity of Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Masontown is the closest neighboring Orthodox parish to St. George Church.

St. George the Great Martyr has blessed and protected the parish for more than half a century and continues to be a intercessor before our Lord Jesus Christ. The Slava celebration was an opportunity to express the joy of the Resurrection, the joy of the existence of the St. George Church and appreciation to God for the manifold blessings each day for more than half a century in this parish.

Father Rodney Torbic