[Archived News] Monday April 21, 2008


Hermitage, Pa - The Lenten Vespers which began at St. George Church in Lorain on Forgiveness Sunday came to an end on Palm Sunday, on the eve of Passion Week, at St. George Serbian Church in Hermitage, Pa.

Serving at the holy altar were six priests and one deacon. Protonamesnik Rev. Zivojin Jakovljevic delivered an inspiring homily on the power of God's word in Scripture, in the lives of the Saints and, more importantly, in the words we exchange among one another and how those enpowering words can bring hope, faith and even healing.

Following the service a lenten dinner was served in the church hall. Proceeds from the dinner benefitted the suffering Serbian people of Kosovo. A brief video was presented during the dinner from the Humanitarian Organization Divac and parishioners from the different communities were informed about the wonderful things this organization was doing and they were called to action.