[Archived News] Wednesday January 9, 2008

"The Church and the Family"

Charlotte, NC - A few days ago the fifth annual Winter Camp, held this year in Charlotte, came to an end. This annual event is organized by the St. Petersburg Deanery of the Eastern Diocese. It was the first year that the camp was held outside of Florida; the host parish was the St. Symeon the Mryhh-flowing and St. Arsenije of Srem parish in Charlotte, North Carolina. Over sixty children, ages 6-18, took part in the camp. This year’s theme was “The Church and the Family” and classes were conducted by clergy and the Church School teachers of this deanery.

A one day trip to “Hawk’s Nest” skiing resort was organized during the camp. Since there was no real snow during the camp the campers enjoyed the artificial snow at the resort. Many of the children from Florida had never seen snow until then so that even the artificial one was very enjoyable to them. The children were also taken to a hockey game one night and a movie the other. Various games and quizzes were organized during the camp and the best campers were awarded.

All the campers were delighted with the visit of His Grace Bishop Mitrophan of Eastern America who spent a couple of days with the children. On Saturday morning His Grace, the bishop, officiated at the Divine Liturgy which was the crown of the four day camp. Assisting His Grace at the Divine Liturgy were: V. Rev. Stavrophor Theodoros, a guest from the local Greek Orthodox Church, V. Rev. Stephen Zaremba, Protonamesnik Dragan Zaric, Fr. Stanislav Kravljaca and Fr. Ljubisa Brnjos. The bishop blessed and praised the campers, advising them that it is only under the wings of the church that they can preserve their identity and their faith and that there should be more gatherings like this so that more and more of our children take part. Next year’s camp, the sixth annual, is scheduled to take place at the Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

Photographs from the winter camp have been posted on: http://svetapetka.org/camp/index.html

Fr. Ljubisa Brnjos