[Archived News] Monday, October 22 2007


Greensboro, NC - The construction of the church dedicated to St. Vasilije of Ostrog in Greensboro is in the finishing stages. The interior work is complete and has passed local inspection codes. The inside of the cupola and the narthex of the church have been dry walled and are awaiting painting.

The next phase is the outer façade. In the meantime the entrance way from the street to the church and pavilion as well as the parking lot is expected to be paved. Once these projects have been completed a sidewalk around the church is being planned after these, as well as a sidewalk to the pavilion. Finally, plans are being made to plant trees and bushes around the church and pavilion.

We are remain hopeful and we pray to God for help that all of this might be completed and pass inspection by mid December so that we might make our plans for a small blessing service at the end of the year.

Of course, the entire project would not end here. Plans are being made that to complete the following by next year’s Church Slava in May, among other things, installing the floor inside the church, constructing candle stands, and painting the great polyeleos. The iconstasis is expected to arrive and be installed next July. Additionally, there is the possibility of painting frescoes in the altar.

Our faithful people in Greensboro and the surrounding areas, gathered in the church, with their donations and work are assisting in the construction of the church. That which is especially interesting for our community is that we do not have one family that can give more any significantly large amount of money at once. All the donations that we received from our parishioners were literally bit by bit. From their crumbs, thanks to the yeast of the Holy Spirit, do we have the bread which is our church.
Once again we wish to thank all churches of our Serbian Orthodox Church in this country who have come to our aid. Likewise, we call on other parishes and individuals to help us in this God pleasing act.

Fr. Dragan Lj. Zaric