[Archived News] Monday, July 2, 2007

“A Day of Great Spiritual Joy”
An Ordination in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, OH – During the Holy Hierarchical Divine Liturgy on Sunday, July 1, 2007 His Grace Bishop Mitrophan of Eastern America ordained Aleksa Pavicevich to the holy diaconate. Aleksa Pavichevich has, together with his wife Emily, been very active in all aspects of parish life at St. Stevan of Dechani Serbian Orthodox Church in Columbus, Ohio.

Taking the noble example of his uncle, the Very Reverend Stavrophor Dennis Pavichevich and with the blessings of His Grace Bishop Mitrophan, Aleksa enrolled at the St. Vladimir Theological School in New York where he is currently in his final year.

V. Rev. Dennis Pavichevich, together with his family, traveled from Chicago to be with his nephew on the occasion of his ordination to the deaconate. Also in attendance was the Diocesan Secretary for the Eastern Diocese, Deacon Dragoslav Kosic, together with his family.

During the Divine Liturgy, as well as during the luncheon afterwards, His Grace, the bishop, addressed the gathered faithful with words of instruction, speaking of the significance of young candidates for the priesthood. His Grace emphasized the fact that not even the holy Angels are worthy of that high calling and grace, to hold in their hands the Holy Body and Holy Blood of our Lord and, through the Holy Spirit, to transform the bread and wine into the Holy Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

V. Rev. Dennis Pavichevich, in his remarks during the lunch, expressed his thankfulness to the Lord that the priestly tradition, which has been present in the Pavicevich family for more than 200 years, is continuing with the ordination of Aleksa Pavichevich.

This was truly a day of great spiritual joy for the Pavichevich family, but nothing less for the parishioners of St. Stevan of Dechani, Aleksa’s spiritual family.

Fr. Isak Kisin
Parish Priest
St. Stevan of Dechani