[Archived News] Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Steelton, Pa - Very Reverend Stavrofor Srboljub Jockovich, Dean of the Washington Deanery and priest of St.Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church of Steelton-Oberlin, Pennsylvania recently completed the second unit of clinical pastoral education  (CPE) at Hershey Medical Center.

Hershey Medical Center is a trauma medical facility and teaching hospital operated by Penn State University.  Proto Srboljub attended classes on Mondays during a two year period of time and served as an on-call chaplain at the facility.

Proto Srboljub had the opportunity to learn about the operation of a large trauma center and was exposed to experiences of ministering to patients experiencing extensive injuries and advanced illnesses.
This supervised program of clinical pastoral education enabled Proto Srboljub to examine carefully the dynamics of ministering to patients and their families in times of crisis. He had the opportunity to discuss his ministerial experiences with others in the chaplaincy program.

He had the benefit of lectures and discussions by healthcare professionals.

By his presence, Proto Srboljub was a witness for Orthodoxy in this setting and he increased the offering of chaplaincy services to Orthodox staff and patients.

Proto Srboljub participated in the clinical pastoral education program with the Archpastoral Blessings of His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN and the support of the St.Nicholas Church Executive Board.

At the end of the first and second year, Proto Srboljub received a certificate from the Penn State - Hershey Medical School - Pastoral Care Department, recognizing his satisfactory completion of the clinical pastoral education units.

Proto Srboljub has improved his skills in pastoral ministry as a result of these clinical pastoral education units and he is a greater asset to his parish.

Because of his participation in clinical pastoral education, other hospitals in the area have recognized Proto Srboljub training and have called upon his participation in their facilities.

Proto Srboljub has been a supporter of Christian Education in the Diocese and he has shown by his participation in the program at Hershey Medical Center that he is serious about continuing to learn and develop even though he is a very experienced priest.
Father Rodney Torbic