[ARCHIVED NEWS] Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Steelton, Pa - On May 9, 2004, Mother's Day in the US - an Icon of St. Anna, the Mother of the Holy Virgin Mary, located in the Russian Orthodox Church of Our Lady Joy of All Who Sorrow in Philadelphia, began to stream myrrh.
On that Sunday one of the parishioners mentioned to the parish rector, Abbot Athanasy that the Icon of St. Anna seemed to be "perspiring."  Upon further investigation, Fr. Athanasy noticed visible liquid streams and droplets.  Accumulations of the liquid were seen on the cuff on St. Anna's left hand and on her left shoulder veil.  Droplets were also found elsewhere on the Icon.  This fragrant, slightly oily liquid is commonly referred to as "myrrh."  Initially the myrrh looked like tear drops, as if St. Anna was crying.  More recently small, slow-moving streams of myrrh have appeared in other parts of the Icon.
The Icon of St. Anna was commissioned by Fr. Athanasy in 1998, in the Mount of Olives Convent in Jerusalem.  He himself had served there in 1980 - 1981.  In 1998, the Icon was completed, blessed at the Sepulcher our Lord in the Jerusalem Church of the Resurrection, and brought to Philadelphia.
On March 13 we had the wonderful opportunity to witness the presence among us the miracle streaming icon of St. Anna the Grand Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Fr. Athanasy Mastalski and Fr. Ljubo Milosevic were blessed to bring it to us. The attendance was very well. The five local orthodox priests, Fr. Dan Ressetar, Fr. Mark Kosev, Fr. Michael Slovesko, Fr. Tmothy Hojnicki and myself, served the Akathist to St. Joachim and Anna, grand parents of our Lord Jesus Christ. People were moved by the beauty of the icon, streaming oil coming from it during the service, the beautiful responses of our Choir and the entire Church present were an unforgettable experience as well to all of us.

Lots of tears and thanksgiving prayers were offered to God for so many blessing which we received in our life. After the anointing with the blessed oil, people were asking for the cotton balls to take home for their loved ones who could not make that evening to church.
A wonderful experience did happen that night among us.

Thank you St. Anna for your blessing and intercession among us.
Fr. Srboljub Jockovic