[ARCHIVED NEWS] Monday, February 19, 2007


Rev. Deacon Milan Medakovic was the homilist at the first of a series of Lenten Vespers which are served in the churches of the Cleveland Deanery and begin traditionally at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Lorain, Ohio on the eve of Great Lent for Forgiveness Sunday Vespers on Sunday, February 18, 2006.

Deacon Medakovic spoke about this Sunday which is also known as Cheesefare or Forgiveness Sunday but is also the day that the Expulsion of Adam from Paradise is commemorated in the Orthodox Church. In talking about this latter characteristic of the day’s liturgical commemoration he pointed out, among other things, that man’s fall mainly resulted from him wanting to follow his own will and not God’s will. In connection with this, he reflected on our own dilemmas in life when we pose the question “is God testing us?” “Oftentimes,” Fr. Deacon continued, “it’s not a question of whether God is testing us or not but rather us wanting to be directed by our own will and not wanting to lead God-directed lives.”

Protojerej-Stavrophor Fr. Rade Merick was the homilist at the Lenten Vespers for the Pittsburgh Deanery which was held at St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. In his homily Fr. Rade spoke about the “bright sadness” of Great Lent and the joy of the Lenten season, about being in exile and returning to God. He also touched upon the liturgical book used during Lent, the Triodion, and how much we truly miss by not attending daily Vespers and Matins during this time.