[ARCHIVED NEWS] Tuesday, November 9 2004


Akron, OH -  In the true spirit of brotherly love and unity among the Serbian Orthodox Churches in Akron, Ohio, Fr. Dragomir Tuba of St. Archangel Michael closed his church on Sunday, November 7, 2004 and invited all of his parishioners to join him as he concelebrated with V. Rev. Milovan Korach of St. Demetrius Church (N. Gracanica Metropolinate) for their Church Slava.
Also joining in the celebration were V. Rev. Djordje Mileusnic of Warren, OH, V. Rev. Rade Merick of Stuebenville, OH and Rev. Mijoljub Matic of Youngstown, OH.  Archimandrite Fr. Gavrilo (Savic) attended the banquet after services at the monastery.  The Petar Krstich Choir of Holy Resurrection Church in Stuebenville were the guest choir.

Prota Milovan, together with the visiting clergy and the gathered faithful welcomed the newly appointed priest Fr. Drazen Tupanjanin who joined in the Slava celebration and concelebrated in the holy Altar.  Fr. Drazen arrived on November 2 from Trebinje where he served as priest since 2000.  Born in 1977 he finished Seminary in Cetinje and then continued his studies at the Theological Institute in Belgrade.  He was ordained by Bishop Atanasije (Jevtic) at the Cathedral Church in Trebinje.  His popadija, Milja, also finished the Theological Institute in Belgrade.  They have two children, Marija and Pavle.

We welcome them to the area.