[ARCHIVED NEWS] Monday, November 29, 2004


Shadeland, PA - The third Divine Liturgy for the newly established mission of Holy Bishop Nikolaj, formed in September of this year, was celebrated on Saturday Novembr 27, 2004. V. Rev. Rastko Trbuhovich of Lackawanna officiated.

Special guests at the litugy were Fr. Milovan Katanic who made the trip together with a few members of the Vojislav Ilich Choir of St. George in Hermitage to sing the responses during the service.  In addition to this, the hunters who make an annual trip during hunting season to the woods surrounding Shadeland, also attended the morning's Divine Liturgy.

Following the service a potluck lunch was served for all those in attendance.  With each month and each time this group meets for liturgy the excitement slowly builds and the small chapel at Shadeland becomes more and more their little church.

The visiting choir on Saturday was a real treat for this small group who always enjoys having guests during their monthly gatherings.  If you would like to make a trip to Shadeland in the winter and see how our diocesan summer camp looks covered in the cold snow, you are more than welcome to join the members of this newly established mission for their next Divine Liturgy scheduled for Saturday December 18, 2004.