[Archived News] Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Visit to Monastery Marcha

Richfield, OH - This evening, August 29, 2013, Archimandrite Alexandar (Cutler) visited New Marcha Monastery together with his fellow brethren Monk Daniel and the brotherhood of Holy Cross Hermitage ( http://holycross-hermitage.com ) Hieromonk Nektarije and Monk Ephraim. The Fathers attended Vespers after which they joined the Sisters for dinner.

The St. John the Theologian Monastery in Hiram, where Fr. Alexander has been an Abbot for thirty years already, has recently been received under the omophorion of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad and follows the Julian calendar. Fr. Alexander has also transferred the role of Abbot to the Hermitage Abbot, Bishop George, who appointed Hieromonk Nektarije as dean and Monk Ephraim and his brother.

Archimandrite Alexander and Monk Daniel are leaving America next week for Ukraine to the Holy Ascension Monastery, near Rvna where they will continue their monastic calling.

The visit of our dear fathers was motivated by Fr. Alexander that he might bid farewell to the sisters of Monastery Marcha with whom they lived for ten years in the sincerest love in the Lord. Another reason for the visit was the wish of Fr. Alexander to show "the new brothers that there are others like them..." that is, that they not fall in despair since they have left, with the blessing of their spiritual Father and Abbot Bishop George, their native Hermitage of many brethren, to come to a new location.

May the Lord strengthen them.