[Archived News] Monday, April 29, 2013

Palm Sunday in Hermitage

Hermitage, PA - The St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Hermitage, Pennsylvania hosted the last of the Deanery Lenten Vespers, for the 2nd group of the Cleveland Deanery. Joining the host clergy, V. Rev. Milovan Katanic were: V. Rev. Stavrophor Vladimir Demshuk, Rev. Dragan Goronjic, Rev. Milan Pajic and Hieromonk Platon (Jovic). Also serving were clergy from the local pan-Orthodox community: V. Rev. Stavrophor Michael Polanichka (Carpatho-Russian), V. Rev. Spyro Kehayes (Greek Metropolis), Rev. Andrew Gall (Ukrianian Church), Rev. David Mastroberte (Carpatho-Russian).

Hieromonk Platon was the evening's homilist. He spoke vividly and energetically about the day's feast celebrated in Orthodox Churches worldwide, the Triumphant Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. He stressed the joyous attitude the Jewish people had in welcoming Jesus into their city and how quickly afterward they would turn against Him and crucify Him. In the same way do we, Fr. Platon noted, call upon God everyday of our lives and when He comes and abides in us we cast Him out, we crucify Him in our hearts. He spoke of the dangers of praising God with our lips but being far from Him in our hearts.

A lenten dinner was served in the church hall afterward.