[Archived News] Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lenten Vespers in Akron

Akron, OH - The St. Archangel Michael Serbian Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio hosted Lenten Vespers on the Second Sunday of Lent, the Sunday of St. Gregory Palamas, for the second group of the Cleveland Deanery. V. Rev. Milovan Katanic of Hermitage, PA, Rev. Milan Pajic, host priest and Rev. Dragan Goronjic of Youngstown served.

Fr. Milovan was the homilist. He spoke of the lenten journey during which time we are called to spiritual podvig. He cited the words of St. Nikolaj of Zicha who wrote once, "Why is that so much is written about the sufferings of holy men and women. Because among the holy are considered victors and can anyone be a victor without battle, suffering....Even in earthly battles we can't consider someone victorious, a hero if they've never been in battle...."

A lenten dinner was served in the church hall afterward.