Christ is in our midst!

On behalf of the entire Youth Ministry Committee, I humbly ask for your cooperation for this coming year’s Oratorical Festival! Our Committee is again prepared to initiate the 2015 St. Nikolai of Zhica Oratorical Festival, with our Theme being, “As Orthodox Christians, what does the cross mean to us?“, but we need your help.

We invite our high-school age students to carefully review the Participants’ Guide which offers helpful information on how to prepare the paper. The deadline for submission of papers is January 11, 2015. Papers should be submitted to:

Participants will present their papers at the Eastern Diocese Assembly, which will be held in February (location to be determined). The first place finalist from the Eastern Diocese will then present their essay at the National Youth Conference. This year the Conference will be held in Washington, DC June 24 – 28. Scholarships will be awarded for the top three National finalists.

Please feel free to contact Becky Kesic at if you have any questions regarding the Participants’ Guide.

Click here to download the revised 2015 Oratorical Festival guide



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