Presbyter Andrej Pavlovic inducted as Parish Priest in Cincinnati


On Sunday, March 17, 2024, the clergy and faithful of St. George Church in Cincinnati, welcomed His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America, as their Archpastor and Father to their parish. His Grace presided over Great Vespers on Saturday evening and celebrated the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy the following day. Concelebrating with him were Protopresbyter Petar Petrovic, former long-serving parish priest, who recently retired from active parish ministry, and his successor Presbyter Andrej Pavlovic, together with Protopresbyter Risto Tocinov of the Archdiocese of Ochrid, Deacon Daniel August and assisted by Reader John Buffalini. 


Following the reading of the Gospel for Cheesefare Sunday, also known as Forgiveness Sunday, His Grace expounded on the three prevalent themes of the gospel lection – forgiveness, fasting and the meaning of riches. At the conclusion of the Divine liturgy, Bishop Irinej holding the Gospel Book in his hand, called forth the recently appointed parish priest, Fr. Andrej. After addressing him and admonishing him to receive the Gospel and to teach his new faithful flock the Word of God, and in every way to become their new father in Christ. Receiving the Gospel, Fr. Andrej responded with his acceptance of parish ministry and preparedness to lead the local Church of God. The Bishop concluded by asking everyone not to disdain Fr. Andrej’s youthfulness, rather to allow him to grow in the faith and his faithful to grow with him. Popadija Kristine was invited by Bishop Irinej to share in the ministry of her husband. 


Alongside the welcome celebration for our Parish Priest Fr. Andrej, today holds special meaning as Forgiveness Sunday, a day for believers to reconcile and extend forgiveness to one another. This act of mutual forgiveness symbolizes the beginning of Lent, a period of repentance, fasting, and spiritual reflection. It is believed that by reconciling with others and seeking forgiveness, individuals prepare themselves to enter the Lenten journey with a clear conscience and a renewed commitment to spiritual growth.


The practice of Forgiveness Sunday emphasizes the importance of forgiveness in the Christian faith and serves as a reminder of Jesus Christ's teachings on love, reconciliation, and mercy. It encourages believers to let go of grudges, reconcile relationships, and strive for inner peace as they embark on the Lenten journey towards Pascha.


A festive Agape Meal served by the Mala Gospojina Circle of Serbian Sisters, the oldest Kolo in America, followed the Liturgical Services.


Source: Saint George Serbian Orthodox Church Cincinnati Face Book

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