In the heart of Louisa, Virginia, a vibrant Serbian mission parish Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos has been making a profound impact on the local community since its establishment in 2011. Through the incredible generosity of its supporters, the parish was able to acquire a property that now houses a temporary chapel, serving as a spiritual haven for a growing congregation.


This mission parish serves approximately 100 families who live across central Virginia from Richmond, Charlottesville, Newport News, Virginia Beach, to Roanoke. What sets this mission parish apart is the remarkable presence of over 70 children under the age of 15, infusing the community with youthful energy and a promising future. These children, accompanied by their families, form a vital part of the congregation and contribute to the parish's pleasant atmosphere.


Additionally, this community held its first Serb Fest on May 13th which was an outstanding opportunity for this mission parish to present the rich Balkan cuisine and to extend its warm hospitality to the wider community. The event was very successful, and it would not be possible to organize it without the unwavering support of numerous individuals who generously donated their time, resources, and talents. The parish is immensely grateful to each person who contributed to the event.


As the mission parish looks to the future, it holds steadfast in its prayers, seeking divine guidance and support. The congregation prays to God, earnestly asking for the fulfillment of their vision to build a permanent temple in this location. With deep faith and hope, the community trusts that their prayers will be heard and that the necessary funds will be raised to create a sacred space that will serve as a beacon of faith and community for generations to come.


If you are traveling through Virginia, do not forget to stop by this parish. The address is 4825 Three Chopt Road, Louisa, VA 23093.

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