The Diocese of Eastern America is elated to open St. Sava Camp at Shadeland, PA for the 2022 season. Words cannot describe the magical feeling of pulling down the driveway and seeing old & new friends after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. 


Week One started on Sunday, July 10th, with children in attendance from areas spanning Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and Canada. We’ve started the week with a welcome & orientation bonfire, the start of campers forming long-lasting friendships. Camp Co-Director Father Bojan Banović, Fathers Rodney Torbic, Stefan Đorić, and Saša Nedić, together with Head Counselor Natalie Dean and the extraordinary team of counselors, led learning and preparation for the commemoration of Sts. Peter & Paul, designing & baking kolache, and learning Serbian songs & dances. Afternoons are scheduled for fun-filled activities such as swimming, boating and fishing at the lake, sports, and arts & crafts. Our campers will finish the week with their morning religion, music and art classes, a full day trip to Waldameer Park, and camper favorite, the Friday Night Dance.

We are fortunate to have generous volunteer support to help with maintenance and improvements to our grounds and physical facilities. Teta Millie, Teta Dee Dee, Teta Marija, and Rudley Mrvos are the mainstay leadership, contributing to Shadeland’s successful operations. We’d like to graciously thank Mark Matejevich, Dave Lohr, Milan Stanojevic and Mark Yovetich for the A-building reorganization project to expand storage and dining capacity. Camp could not run smoothly without the dedicated moms & dads who stay the week to cook & clean or take care of the varied tasks needed, and we are very thankful for time and energy.


The 2022 season will continue with three more weeks of camp, culminating with our Shadeland Most Holy Mother of God Monastery Estate Slava and the end of the Camp Season celebration on Saturday, August 6th. Join us for Divine Liturgy and Picnic that day! Our 4th Week Campers will be performing, music entertainment to follow. All roads lead to Shadeland this summer!

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