On Pentecost Sunday - Duhovi, the parish church of the Holy Trinity in Youngstown, Ohio celebrated their Feast Day -Slava of the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles.  The Divine Liturgy was served by Parish Priest Very Reverend Bosko Stojanovic, with responses sung by the Holy Trinity Choir.  Susan Kusic Hicks was this years honored host - Kuma.  Following the cutting of the Festal Bread - Slavski Kolac and procession around the church, a delicious meal and festive banquet was held in the church hall.  During the banquet, as is customary for the parish, high school graduates Guy Tepsick, Liliana Marinkovich, and Maci Varjaski, as well as higher education graduates Stephanie Budaker (Master's Degree) and Dr. Sarah Radovick Wondisford (Medical School and Residency completion) were honored for their accomplishments.  Congratulations!
Additionally, the recently remodeled church school classrooms were blessed and dedicated in memory of Ann and Sally Davis, who were Sunday school teachers for many decades in the Youngstown parish, as well as teaching religion at St. Sava camp in Shadeland.  The remodeling, which included new windows, carpeting, ceiling tiles with inlaid LED lighting, and painting was made possible through the generosity of Drs. Sally Radovick and Fred Wondisford, who also accepted the honor of being kumovi for next year's church Slava.  May God bless them and their family for many years - Na Mnogaja Ljeta!

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