SSS Njegos Choir Slava and 90th Anniversary


The Serbian Singing Society Njegos Choir of Cleveland on Sunday, February 28th, 2021 celebrated Patronal Saint’s Day Slava, and a double anniversary: their 90th Anniversary, and the 30th Anniversary under the baton of their music director, the Rev. Deacon Milan Damljanovic.


Father Dragoslav Kosic, Cathedral Dean, thanked the choir which has now existed for 90 years, for adding to the ascetic beauty of the liturgical services of the Cathedral with their responses, and bringing joy to their community and wider through the gift of Serbian secular music. He also encouraged people to bring their children to church and join their youth singers. The faithful of the Cathedral have been blessed, even during this pandemic, to always have someone to sing responses to Liturgy.


Fr Dragoslav also read the Grammaton bestowed upon the choir on the occasion of its 90th Anniversary by His Grace Bishop Irinej of Eastern America. The conductor for liturgical services, Mr. Adam Vlainic, received the Grammaton on the choir’s behalf.


Receiving the Slava from last year’s hosts – kumovi, Dr. Nikola and Suzanne Resanovic, were this year’s kumovi, Ben, Sherry, and Luka Parojcic, a truly exemplary family for all. They are always active in the church, and in so many ways, serving in the altar, singing in the youth chorus, and teaching in church school. It was truly a blessed day for all, as everyone looks forward to the next 90 years of SSS Njegos Choir!


Ziveli! Mnogaja Ljeta!

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