“We won’t give up our shrines”: a global video message

Great attention has been paid to an exceptional video posted on YouTube in the form of joint video presentation, titled: "We won’t give up our shrines! - supported from over 30 countries around the world".


The same was initiated by a Serbian theologian Krsto Stanisic, and realized by a team of young people led by Georgina Stanisic. Krsto Stanisic, a PhD student of Theology in Germany, spoke with Radio “Slovo Ljubve” of the Archdiocese of Belgrade-Karlovac, about the recording and realization of this very demanding project and the response to it.


He stated that support came from many people around the world, regardless of their nationality and religion: "They are honest people and they all share in admiration of the prayer processions for  protecting the shrines and people of Montenegro. Persons from more than 30 countries have shown interest in what has been happening in the Montenegro. They have recognized the true meaning of prayer processions. The profoundness of the prayer processions is global in its meaning.


The message - “We won’t give up our shrines”- is a global message. These epic biblical scenes have been manifested throughout Montenegro. The concept of these prayer processions is something truly universal in the world. It is something that Montenegro has to offer not only to Europe, but to all of humanity as well!”

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