Consider Joining a Mission Team in 2020!

One past team member said: "We think we are going to teach, but we end up learning more than we could ever teach”

(Fernando Arango – Mexico, 2016).


Nearly every team member’s reflection we receive echoes this sentiment. When we are following our God-given calling, it’s inevitable that we ourselves will grow just as we help our brothers and sisters in Christ grow too. Whether you’re a seasoned mission team volunteer, or whether this is completely new territory for you, mission teams are a great way to share your God-given talents around the world, and to deepen your relationship with Christ.


As we approach 2020, OCMC is looking ahead and planning out our mission team opportunities. We have some of them listed below. If any resonate with you, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or to apply!


Mission Team Opportunities in 2020:


Youth Ministry: 7/22-31
Youth Ministry: 8/6-11



University Outreach: 3/20-29
Missions Institute: 5/18-29
Bible Camp: 6/9-25
Catechist Training: 8/11-22



Healthcare: 3/10-17
Others (more details to be announced soon)








And more!


For more information, contact OCMC!


Phone: 1-877-GO-FORTH (463-6784)


Team opportunities are subject to change. More opportunities coming soon!

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