Patronal Feast Day in Atlanta

Saints Peter and Paul Serbian Orthodox church in Atlanta joyously celebrated their Slava on July 21, 2019.  This was first Slava celebration in the newly built church that was consecrated last October, thus making this years Slava that much more joyful.  


Divine Liturgy was officiated by His Grace, Bishop Irinej, along with Fr. Miladin, parish priest as well as Fr. Sasa Djurdjevic from Noth Port, FL, and protodeacon Milos Zdralic.  His Grace Bishop Irinej’s homily was deeply moving as he explained the importance of Saints Peter and Paul.  After blessing of Slava Kolac and the zito, Bishop congratulated this years’ kumovi  Petar and  Janelle Topic, wishing them good health and acknowledging next year’s kumovi Slavisa and Antonija Pejic. 


Following Divine Liturgy, banquet was prepared for all those in attendance.  Kolo ladies, once again selflessly given their all to ensure that the Slava celebrations were once again welcomed with the most delicious Serbian foods and deserts, proving that hospitality of Serbian people is something to be very proud of and recognized. To make the Slava celebration that much more festive, Fr. Sasa’s daughters, Anastasija and Savina, performed few traditional songs that left everybody speechless and emotional.  Fr. Miladin also showed that he does indeed possess talent for poetry as he read a poem by Matija Beckovic with assistance of Sts. Peter and Paul’s choir chanting in the background highlighting the experience.


As a parish priest, Fr. Miladin Blagojevic, recognized the hard work of his parishioners and also thanked everybody in attendance. Bishop Irinej, once again delighted all those present with his wise words of encouragement, of inspiration, love and appreciation he felt towards this parish.


With joy in our hearts, praise on our lips, faith in our soul once again we gave our most sincere prayers of gratitude to our Lord, for watching over our parish, and for sheltering us by His grace.


Dushica B.

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