Installation of the First Icons

The Iconography Project at St. Nicholas is blossoming with the first fruitful flowers.  After 5 years of preparations, the first installation of icons is adorning the altar at St. Nicholas. 

Church preparations began after the generous endowment from the Katic Family in honor of Anna Bakic Katic allowed to plan for the adornment of the Temple.  These preparations included fixing the water leaks in the cupola and roof to ensure no damage would threaten the icons and installing new insulation and a wall system to cover the exposed brick.

Iconographer Borislav Zivkovic began painting the icons on canvas in Houston, TX in December of 2018.  Diligent and prayerful work continued through the first six months of 2019, culminating in the installation of the icons in June.  The next installation and the completion of the altar is scheduled for September 2019.  The first phase of the project, which will include all of the Temple walls, is slated for completion by August of 2020.

Special thanks to God for all of those who have helped to make this project possible including His Grace, Bishop IRINEJ, without whose blessing and oversight this project would not have been possible, the Katic Family, those who have pledged and donated toward the completion of the project, and those who have helped to oversee and work for the improvement and renovation of the Church under the leadership of David Yandric and Leonard Tepsic, the Iconography Committee and the Parish Council. 

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