Fifth Week Lenten Vespers in Austintown, OH

14 April 2019- The Lenten Vespers of the fifth week of Great and Holy Lent was served by group two of the Cleveland Deanery at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church on Raccon Road in Austintown, Ohio. The parish and V. Rev. Protosyndjel Sava (Medakovic) hosted the visiting faithful and clergy for an evening of prayer, fellowship and education.


In addition to Fr. Sava the following clergy served the Great Lenten Vespers; V. Rev. Vladimir Demshuk (Retired), V. Rev. Milan Pajic (Holy Archangel Michael – Akron, OH), V. Rev. Bosko Stojanovic (Holy Trinity – Laird Ave – Younstown, OH) and Rev. Vedran Grabic (Holy Great Martyr George – Hermitage, PA). The choir was directed by Heather Folwein.


At the end of the Vespers service the faithful were anointed with oil from the lamp at the relics of St. Mardarije of Libertyville and given copies of his icon to take home.


Gradimir Stanic, parish board president, welcomed the visiting faithful and clergy after the blessing of the food for the fellowship meal.  A delicious lenten meal was prepared by the sisters under the leadership of their president Mira Popovic.


Following the fellowship meal, a lecture was gave by Fr. Bosko on the topic Church Challenges in Post-Modern Times.  The main focus of the lecture was on ministry to youth, primarily teenagers, and their involvement in the Church. After the lecture a lively discussion ensued regrading the development of faith, language and clerical vocations for youth born in the United States.

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