Kolo Sestara of St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Elkins Park (Philadelphia) PA. Celebrate Their Krsna Slava

On Sunday October 28th, 2018 the Circle of Serbian Sisters of St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Elkins Park (Philadelphia) PA. celebrated their Patron Saint (Krsna Slava) of our Venerable Mother Paraskeva (St. Petka).

The celebration began with Divine Liturgy. Following Divine Liturgy, a Memorial Service (Parastos) was held for all departed members of the Circle of Sisters. Fr. Milorad thanked the Sisters for remembering their departed members, who sacrificed much for the founding, maintaining and furtherance of St. Nicholas church in Philadelphia. By their contributions, they confirmed the Serbian proverb: Кућа не стоји на темеље, већ на жени”! (A house does not abide on its foundations, but upon the Lady of the household!). Father appealed to the current members to continue their service to the glory of God, and for their salvation.

Following the distribution of anaphora, all proceeded the church hall for the blessing of the Slavski Kolac and Koljivo. As has become tradition, the children assisted the Kumovi (Milovan and Dojna Russo, with their sister-in-law Stoja) with the turning of the Kolac.  The responsibility of Kumstvo for the following year was accepted by sister Snezana Baradakis. A truly abundant banquet followed; with a wide variety of servings to be selected from. The faithful present expressed their gratitude with a very generous donation collected for the Sisters.

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