Transfiguration in Atlanta and International Art Exhibit

Art knows no boundaries and is often said that it connects people far and near.  This statement was very much proven to be true in our parish here in Atlanta. On the feast day of the Holy Transfiguration on August 19, 2018,  Sts. Peter and Paul organized our first international art exhibit. The art exhibit that we called “Touch” or in Serbian language “Dodir” we attempted to touch (dotaknemo) our homeland thru the art and bring it closer to our home here in the States. We have showcased 40 art pieces, some were mosaics, water paintings, and some beautiful icons.  In this exhibit we had professional artists from Serbian donate their art to us as well as our own local parishioners who eagerly jumped in and showcased their talent.  All the proceeds were donated towards our Sunday school.  It was a great joy and success to be to bring together artists from two continents and allow them to “touch” us with their talent. 

What we have learned after this year’s art exhibit is that our dear and cherished monasteries, churches and landmarks are only a brush away.

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