St. Nicholas Church in Johnstown Marks Vidovdan

The St. Nicholas Serbian Orthodox Church in Johnstown, Pennsylvania joined with Serbian Orthodox Churches throughout the world in commemorating Vidovdan this year.

Beginning with the Divine Liturgy on Thursday, June 28 and continuing with lecture on Saturday evening, the parish devoted attention on the importance of St. Lazar and the martyrs of Kosovo.

Parish Priest Reverend Father Milan Dragovic was joined in celebrating the Divine Liturgy with Very Reverend Archpriest Andrej Aleksejev(OCA  parish in Black Lick)  and Very Reverend Stavrophor Dr. Rodney Torbic.

Faithful parishioners from St. Nicholas Church were in attendance on Vidovdan and sang the inspiring responses. Refreshments followed in the parish hall.

Early Saturday evening, Reverend Deacon Dr. Jovan Ancic, Diocesan Director of Christian Education, met with the St. Nicholas Church School teachers. They discussed important matters related to Christian education.

Following the meeting with the teachers, Protopresbyter Andrej officiated at the Great Vespers. Father Dragovic, Father Torbic and Father Deacon Anicic attended. The St. Nicholas faithful sang inspired responses.

Very Reverend Sasa Nedic from St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania joined the Vesper attendees.

Father Deacon Dr. Anicic presented his lecture on the Serbian Orthodox monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija after the Vesper service. The power point presentation drew attention to the extensive activities scheduled in Washington D.C. marking the end of WWl.

Father Deacon Anicic made the connection between the Serbian Peoples willingness to sacrifice for the Heavenly Kingdom in the Battle of Kosovo and their participation in WWI. He cited the influential roles of scientist Michael Pupin and St. Nikolai Velimirovich. 

Father Deacon Anicic noted the significance of the parish priest from Johnstown, Fr. Jovan Krajnovich, giving the  prayer at the Spirit of Liberty dinner on Vidovdan 1918 in connection with the participation of the Serbian People in WWI.

Father Deacon Anicic's lecture included speaking about the Serbian monasteries of Decani, Ravanica, Gracanica, Sopocani and others. He showed a photo of the church where St. Lazar and his followers took Communion.

The lasting lessons of the Serbian Orthodox commitment to the Heavenly Kingdom were made clear in inspiring and captivating presentation by Father Deacon Dr. Anicic.  He said to live worthy of the Gospel in the Church.

Archpriest George Johnson and Matushka Faith Johnson joined the attending faithful and clergy at the lecture. Thank God for Father Milan Dragovic and the faithful of Johnstown for the extensive remembrance of Vidovdan.

Thank Father Deacon Dr. Jovan Anicic for his enriching Christian education efforts. May the lessons of the St. Lazarus and the martyrs of Kosovo be remembered and inspire Christians for generations to come.

Father Rodney Torbic

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