Blessing of Processional Banners in Philadelphia

On Sunday, September 24th, the St. Nicholas Parish of Philadelphia joined Fr. Milorad Orlic in the blessing of two new processional banners, offered as a generous gift to the church by the Randjelovic family.  

Dmitri Randjelovic, who is a regular altar server and epistle reader, and his father Sasha, who is a dedicated cantor and member of the male choir, held the prossional banners during the service. The banners, or "barjak", were custom made in Serbia and are of the parish's patron, St. Nicholas, and St. Stevan of Decani, the Slava of the Randjelovic family. The banners will not only edify the beautiful architecture of the church, but will also beautify every procession hereafter. 
In addition to this wonderful blessing, the children of the St. Nicholas Church school were able to participate in a wonderful, hands-on lesson - "Prosphora Baking Class".  This event, which is directly tied to the church school curriculam that aims to get children more involved in understanding and participating in the Divine Liturgy, was a fantastic event.
This class, which marks the completion of the students' lesson on the proskomedia service, gave the children an opportunity to prayerful and practically learn about some of the preparation that takes place before the Divine Liturgy begins. Under the direction of the church school teachers Allison Sikarica, Natasha Markovich, Zvezdana Stojmirovic, and popadija Milena, the children mixed, rolled, shaped, and stamped their prosphora. This coming Sunday Father will do the proskomedia where it can be observed by the children using a prosphora they baked. 
The children enjoyed this experience immensely and eagerly anticipate future lessons!

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