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On September 16-17th, the St. Nicholas parish in Philadelphia held its 5th bi-annual SerbFest. The event has grown in popularity with the surrounding community over the past few years. The parish community spent many days preparing to be gracious hosts to those around them, and with much hard work, cooking, and baking, the event was a tremendous success. Those who attended not only enjoyed beautiful weather, but also the delicious roasted and grilled Serbian delicacies. Fr. Milorad offered tours of the church, explaining the history of the parish and the tenants of the Orthodox Christian faith with many visitors. On Sunday the 17th, Fr. Milorad began the day's church tours by taking the church school children around their parish, offering them an engaging lesson on the church building, the iconostasis, and the altar. He also spent time discussing proskomedia, the preparation for Divine Liturgy, with the children. The adults and teachers enjoyed the lesson almost as much as the children. It was a joyous two-day even for all!

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