Nineteenth Annual Vidovdan Observance

The Annual Vidovdan observance was held at St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania on Sunday, June 25, 2017. Following the Divine Liturgy, a Parastos was held for all the faithful dying in defense of the faith.

This was the nineteenth annual observance. A dinner and program were held in the church hall. Officers of the parish Executive Board spoke.  Parishioners read inspirational poems and writings about the Battle of Kosovo in 1389.

Each year parishioners come together for this solemn and serious observance to remember the martyrs and suffers holding fast to Christ. The lessons of the faithful are not to be forgotten.

The book Kosovo Revisted, and writings by St. Nikolai(Velimirovic) and Very Reverend Stavrophor Dr.Mateja Matejic serve as the primary basis for the readings. Attendees are reminded each year of the life-defining choices that were made in defense of Orthodox Christianity. The sacrifices made come alive in the epic poetry and descriptive writings. Readers and listeners are deeply affected.

With today’s world changing rapidly and Christianity continuing to be under attack in many areas, it is important to remember the sacrifices made by Serbian Orthodox Christians and the lasting value of holding firm in Christ.

Thank God for those standing for Christ. Thank God for having the present freedom to worship and to learn the valuable lessons of history. Thank God for the St. George parishioners taking time to remember and learn.

The St. George Church continued the Vidovdan commemoration with the Divine Liturgy on June 28, 2017. The parish is in the Pittsburgh Deanery of the Eastern American Diocese.

The St. George Church was consecrated in 1954 and has continued to serve the faithful since the consecration. In addition to the parish Executive Board, the St. George Choir and Kolo were active in the Vidovdan observance.

The original founders and benefactors of St. George Church sacrificed to build and maintain the church. The founders and benefactors carried with them the commitment to the Serbian Orthodox Church in their hearts, minds and bodies.

Succeeding generations and new members of the parish continue to be faithful to Christ. The parish is firmly connected with the martyrs of centuries past and present.

Article by Father Rodney Torbic

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