The Feast of St. Lazarus

The feast day of St. Lazarus of Kosovo is recorded in the minds and hearts of the believers of Saint Nicholas Church in Johnstown, PA.

A beautiful, sunny ‘Vidovdan’ day was made even more beautiful by the glorious celebration of the Divine Liturgy, and the liturgical hymns sung by the faithful. Choir director Danica Wess offered her voice at the Holy Liturgy together with the help of Dianne Tomah, Patricia Neil, Dorothy Podolak, Milan Gvozdich and popadija Izvorinka. Robert Stramanak, and Gavrilo and Jovan Zaric served in the Holy Altar. After the reading of the Holy Gospel, parish priest Dragan Zaric addressed the faithful:

The martyrs of Kosovo past and present chose the heavenly kingdom over the earthly benefits. They chose to be true to God, to the Church and to themselves. The martyrs of Kosovo are commemorated in the Holy Liturgy. Their witness and faith stand to teach and inspire each subsequent generation. At each stage in our life, we must make choices which define us as witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ (St. John 15.27). Our life should be based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.

When the Priest came forward with the Chalice, saying: "With the fear of God, faith and love, draw near", all those present partook of Holy Communion. 

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