Welcoming the New Child of God Jovan Hrvacevic

On behalf of His Grace Bishop Irinej, the Episcopal Dean for the Cleveland Deanery, Rev. Presbyter Dragan Goronjic, made a pastoral visit to offer prayers for the newly born child Jovan Hrvacevic.  Together with Rev. Presbyter Aleksa Pavichevich, Fr. Dragan traveled to Parma to greet Rev. Presbyter Sinisa Hrvacevic, his wife Popadija  Jovana, and their new, second child Jovan.

This birth was particularly joyful in that it took place on Bright Monday, April 17th.  Jovan was born at a healthy 9lbs 3oz with a length of 21”.  Fr. Sinisa had planned to join his deanery brethren in Akron for Paschal Divine Liturgy of Bright Monday at 10:00am but, at the exact time, he was with his wife welcoming their new child into the world at 10:03am.

After completing the prayers for mother and child, Fr. Dragan took a moment to express the joy, love, and warmth of His Grace Bishop Irinej.  Fr. Sinisa and Popadija Jovana were so thankful for such a thoughtful extension of pastoral care from their new hierarch. 

The visit concluded with the singing of “Hristos Voskrese”, and the sharing of red eggs with one another – and one of the nurses.  May God grant Fr. Sinisa, Popadija Jovana, their first son Dusan, and the newly born Jovan many years - Hristos Voskrese!

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