Winter Day Camp in Youngstown

Youngstown, OH - A Winter Day Camp was held at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church, Youngstown, Ohio on Tuesday December 27, 2016. The day began with a prayer, welcome, and breakfast.  Then the children learned about the Slavski Kolac and each made their own Slava bread. The dough was made by Svetlana Andjelkovich and Mandica Drobnjak, Mile Andjelkovich demonstrated how to braid the dough and make into round shape.  Next students were led by Dragana Crnjak in an arts and crafts project of making decorated icon greeting cards.  Then, Father Bosko Stojanovic, parish priest, gave a talk about St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.  

After a short break, the children watched a movie called "The Serbian Tradition."  Following the video, students practiced singing a song for the St. Sava program which was played by Sava Crnjak on the piano.  The mothers and grandmothers prepared a lunch after a group photo was taken.  The day's activities concluded with the delivery of non-perishable food items that have been collected and donated by parishioners organized by the church school and Mother's Club to the St. Vincent DePaul Food Bank in Downtown Youngstown.  

There were 23 children who participated in the Winter Day Camp and it was a great learning experience as well as enjoyable.

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