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Jacksonville, FL - His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN scheduled the St. Petersburg Deanery Clergy Confession and Christian Education Meeting to be held at the St. King Milutin Serbian Orthodox Church in Jacksonville, Florida on April 9, 2016.

Clergy Confession preceded the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. His Grace officiated at the Divine Liturgy. Deanery clergy served with Grace and additional clergy sang. Parishioners of St. King Milutin Church and visitors attended.

Very Reverend Stavrophor Stephen Zaremba is the Dean of the St. Petersburg Deanery. Reverend Father Stanislav Kravljaca is the priest at St. King Milutin Church. Very Reverend Stavrophor Dr. Rodney Torbic served as confessor.

The St. Petersburg Deanery has parishes in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina. Deanery parishes also exist in Jacksonville(2), Orlando, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, North Port and North Miami, Florida. A Mission parish in Charlottesville, Virginia is served by the Deanery.

His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN designated Reverend Father Dragoslav Kosic to speak on Christian education. Father Kosic gave an extensive talk on the topic: “Children in the World of Television, Internet and Video Games.”

Father Kosic’s presentation inspired a stimulating discussion as the participants grappled with the contemporary issues relating to the topic. The addictive nature of television, internet and video games received attention.

Father Kosic addressed the role of parents in children’s use of internet, video games and television. He talked of the good these electronic creations offer but also the harmful possibilities that exist.

Parishes participating in the meeting offered oral reports on the highlights of their parish Christian education activities. Written reports were submitted and will be published as a consolidated written record and view of the Deanery efforts.

In addition to His Grace, Father Zaremba, Father Kravljaca and Father Kosic, the following clergy participated in the Deanery meeting:  Very Reverend Stavrophor Ivan Voloschchuk, Very Reverend Dragan  Lj. Zaric, Reverend Father Ljubisa Brnjos, Reverend Father Miladin Blagoljevic, Reverend Father Nemanja Tesic, Reverend Father Alexander Kazak and Reverend Father Deacon Panayioti.

Reader Edmond, Popadija Natasha Brnjos, Popadija Alexandra Kravljaca and Cedo Kravljaca were additional participants.

The Clergy Confession and Deanery meeting coincided with Father Stanislav Kravljaca’s tenth anniversary as a priest. His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN elevated Father Stanislav to the rank of Protonamesnik.

His Grace expressed appreciation to the participants and the host parish. The 2017 St. Petersburg Deanery Clergy Confession and Christian Education Meeting  will be held at St. Simeon the Myrhflowing  Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Article by Father Rodney Torbic

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