Church Slava in Columbus

Columbus, OH - On Sunday November 22, 2015 Serbian Orthodox Church in Columbus Ohio celebrated its Slava - St. Stefan of Decani. Divine Liturgy started at 10:00 a.m. and it was followed with blessing of zito and kolac. Kumovi for this year Slava were Sam and Debbie Mamula. Following the blessing of zito and kolac; Slava luncheon was served in parish social hall for all in attendance. During the Slava lunch Luka Zecevic was awarded with Church Gramata for his many years of dedicated service to our Church. Luka has recently moved back to his native Republika Srpska Krajina and was visiting our Church; so this was the opportunity to thank him for everything that he has done in the past years. Nenad and Novka Malic volunteered to be Church Slava kumovi for the next year. A part of Slava kolac was exchanged between this year and the next year kumovi. We would like to thank everyone that participated and helped our Slava celebration and especially to all that cooked and cleaned.  Glory to God for all things!

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