Hermitage Parish Celebrates Church Slava

Hermitage, PA - On Sunday, May 3, 2015 the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Hermitage, PA festively celebrated their Church Slava. Serving at the altar during Divine Liturgy were V. Rev. Michael Polanichka, retired priest of the neighboring Carpatho-Russian Church, Rev. Dragan Goronjic, priest at Holy Trinity Serbian Orthodox Church in Youngstown and host priest V. Rev. Milovan Katanic.

Towards the middle of the liturgy Carpatho-Russian priest Rev. David Mastroberte joined the clergy in altar, after church services were completed at his church. The festive Slava Litiya took place towards the end of liturgy with all four clergy, banners, flags, altar boys and this year's kum, Drago Sormaz, holding the St. George icon. During the banquet Rev. Sinisa Hrvacevic arrived, once liturgy at his church was completed (Holy Trinity in Youngstown, OH, Laird Ave). Fr. Sinisa cut the Slava Kolach with Slava kum Drago Sormaz. A nice crowd attended liturgy on this beautiful Spring day to celebrate their Church Slava. High school graduates were recognized at the banquet.

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