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Columbus, OH - St. Stevan of Dechani, Serbian Orthodox Church in Columbus Ohio, celebrated its patron Saint on Sunday, November 23, 2014. Beautiful singing of our choir contributed to the festivity of this special event. During the communion our youngest members of the choir - the Church School students; with their angelic voices sang: “Hvalite Boga jer je dobar” (Praise the Lord for He is Good). Following the Divine Liturgy; Kolac and Koljivo were blessed in the Church. Kumovi for this occasion were Svetislav and Vera Jovanovic with their children Marija and Kristina. After the blessing of Kolac and Koljivo; Slava luncheon was served for everyone in attendance in our social hall. George Grahovac volunteered to be our Church Slava Kum for the next year. We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to everyone who helped with our Slava celebration (cleaning, cooking, roasting lambs etc.): Svetislav and Vera Jovanovic, Mladen and Vesna Lucic, popadija Dejana Kisin, Dave and Sharon Tumbas, Kathy and Paul Maragos, David Kos, Dragana and Jela Vujovic, Brankica Grozdic, Nevena Kurbatfinski, Milica Papic, Katarina Sanchez, Lisa Grubich Hodkinson, Anita Biratsis and Branko Vukadin.

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