Department of Internet Ministries

Welcome to the resource page for the Department of Internet Ministries, a growing online repository for the creative digital offerings from throughout the parishes of the Eastern American Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church.  It is our intent to make this a valuable resource for live streaming content, online lectures and seminars, and educational materials.

If you would like to add your digital resource, please be sure to contact our website adminsitrator with (1) a link to your resource, (2) a short description of the resource, and (3) parish name and location.

Live Streaming

Below are a list of parishes that stream live services via Facebook.  After visiting the Facebook page, be sure to "follow" or "like" the group/page and you will receive a notification within your Facebook app when they go live.  Listed below are a planned schedule of services, lectures, and live events - so be sure to check them out!

Aliquippa, PA - St. Elijah - Facebook

Boston, MA - St. Sava Cathedral - Facebook | Schedule of Live Services

Cincinnati, OH - St. George - Facebook

Lebanon, PA - Holy Resurrection - Facebook

McKeesport, PA - St. Sava - Facebook & Website

Miami, FL - St. Simeon - Facebook

North Canton, OH - St. George - Facebook | Schedules of Live Services

Paterson, NJ - St. John the Baptist - Facebook

Pittsburgh, PA - Holy Trinity Cathedral - YouTube & Website

Philadelphia, PA - St. Nicholas - Facebook (via Protinica Jan Orlic)

Steelton, PA - St. Nicholas - Facebook & YouTube

Steubenville, OH - Holy Resurrection - YouTube (via their website)

Youngstown, OH - Holy Trinity (Raccoon Road) - Facebook

Washington D.C. - St. Luke - Church Website & Facebook

Daily Home Services & Prayers

Johnstown, PA - St. Nicholas - at 7:45pm - information located under recent news articles

Miami, FL - St. Simeon - Facebook Live at 10am on any day no church services are schedule

North Canton, OH - St. George - Facebook Live at 7am, M-F 

YouTube Playlists and Channels

McKeesport, PA - St. Sava

North Canton, OH - St. George

Orlando, FL - St. Petka

Pittsburgh, PA - Holy Trinity Cathedral

Steelton, PA - St. Nicholas

Online Retreats & Seminars

Washington DC - Vrbica Children's Retreat

North Canton, OH - Vrbica Children's Retreat (Zoom info found here) | Annual Lenten Seminar (Facebook Live)

G-Suite Training Videos

For those parishes that utilize G-Suite officially through the Eastern Diocese, there are a number of excellent features available to you - and the training videos below will help you learn all a little bit more about them. This ever-growing resource has been produced in-house in order to help get you acclimated with some of these services.  As you watch, be sure to make adjustments that best suite the needs of your parish or setting.

Training Playlists

As always, if you have any questions or suggetsions please be sure to contact our webmaster.



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